Beautiful Skylines

Bright lights and dark skies both close by

Gorgeous Waterfronts

Enjoy nearby marinas and fine dining

Journey the Labyrinth

Walk the intentional maze and call in UFOs


About Our Tours

Just a short drive away from the bright city lights of San Francisco, join us under the dark skies of Benicia. Take a short walk up a hill to view UFOs in middle of a large, private Labyrinth. Another location nearby is available if there are mobility issues or trouble walking. We recommend the Labyrinth location for the adventure, but the our private waterfront is great too.

City lights

to Starlight


Tours are three hours long

and provide you with an exciting Nightwatch hosted by a UFO expert! This Bay Area, historic gold mining town has a lot to offer. Join us for a walk through the labyrinth too! We use Military-grade, Gen3 nightvison goggles to see 50,000 times more light in the sky. We really do see high flying objects every night. We watch and observe objects with anomolus behavior practically every tour, and in most cases multiple times throughout the evening. We even use high-powered lasers for signaling UFOs. They really are out there!


Tours can be customized

for your group. Your host can lead you through the experience of mediating/toning as a group and vectoring in ships, so let us know!  We can provide (as some would call) a 'spiritual experience' or if you just want to look at the stars close up and watch for sightings, it's all up to you! You'll have the opportunity to share your experiences and hear others’ amazing stories of ET sightings and contacts. It's one of the best parts of the tour! 

Yours San Francisco Hosts

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Tour Guide

Tana Newberry

Tana Newberry is a Contactee, Hybrid Mother and Near-Death Experiencer. She is a professional Psychic Reader and has been heard on over 500 radio shows.