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About Our Tours

Join us under the beautiful clear skies in the Mountains of Las Vegas. See the mountains all around us with a view of city lights below as we sit in the center of a Native American Labyrinth and call in ships. The night sky from these viewpoints is ASTONISHING!

Exciting Night Life

So much to do before and after your tour

Majestic Deserts

Gorgeous Mountain  locations

Famous Location

Close enough to Area 51 for great sightings

Famous Location

for Sightings


Experience the thrill of seeing UFOs for your first time.

Tours include using several pairs of military-grade Generation 3 night vision goggles similar to the type used in Desert Storm allowing the viewer to see up to 50,000 times more stars than the naked eye, information about planetary star systems, Milky Way Galaxy, meteors, ISS, other satellites and the amazing stars in the night sky, along with high-powered lasers for signaling UFOs. You will have an opportunity to share your sightings & experiences and listen to the tour guide's amazing stories about her and other's ET contacts and encounters. I offer a complimentary intuitive reading to all my guests, with my chart and cards.

Your Las Vegas Hosts

Tour Guide

Miesha is a life long experiencer and  a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in ET Experiencer Regressions. She also offers Galactic Multi-Dimensional Sessions. 

Miesha Johnston

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