Robin Poe is the founder of the Poe Creation Foundation which offers a community to spirtual seekers and Gods and Godesses alike. Her work focuses on positivist, joy and the manifestation of miracles on earth. She assists both Miesha Johnston, Tana Newberry and Geraldine Orozco with UFO Nightwatch Tours in las Vegas, Hawaii and at conferences in the US.


Along with UFO Nightwatch Tours, Robin assists the Starseed Awakening page, groups and gatherings which focus learning and support for ET Experiencers and those with other paranormal anomalies. Robin loves helping to create a safe and encouraging space for those who she comes in contact with.


She is in the concept phase of projects for the media platform which will delivery inspiring messages for those who are interested in advancing consciousness.

"Creating a great reality with every word and thought we speak. Paradise on / over Earth. Everyone and everything. Abundant blessings Brothers and Sistars*. Listen and level-up, now please! Wake up. Wake up. Wake up, world. Now, please, today. Namaste."

- Robin


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Hawaiian Islands

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